with Robert White, tenor 
Arabesque Z6692 (CD, 1997) 

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1. The Carioca 
2. Music Makes Me 
3. I Want To Be With You 
4. So Do I 
5. Time On My Hands (from the Youmans Acetates) 
6. "Where Has My Hubby Gone?" Blues 
7. Carry On, Keep Smiling 
8. I Don’t Want A Girlie 
9. Does It Pay To Be A Lady 
10. Love Is Like A Song 
11. Hymn (from the Youmans Acetates) 
12. Why, Oh Why? 
13. Rise And Shine 
14. You Started Something 
15. I Want A Man 
16. You’re Everywhere 
17. Nicodemus 
18. Roll, Roll, Roll (from the Youmans Acetates) 
19. Drums In My Heart 
20. Kinda Like You 
21. Tie A String Around Your Finger 
22. Lucky Bird 
23. Open Up Your Heart 
24. Keepin’ Myself For You 
25. Oh, How I Long To Belong To You 
26. I Want A Yes Man 
27. I’m Glad I Waited 
28. Soft Eyes (from the Youmans Acetates)